Monday, 25 February 2013

Nokia Lumia 720

Notice Vogue in that live tile up there? That's because Nokia's toning down its focus on imaging innovation at this year's MWC (remember the PureView 808?) for a hyper-targeted take on the mid-range: the Lumia 720. Made for ├╝ber-social types prone to late night party shots, selfies and multimedia uploads, this 4.3-inch device builds on the polycarbonate unibody of its 920 elder, albeit in a much slimmer and smoother form factor. Measuring just 9mm in thickness and weighing 128 grams (4.5 ounces), the 720 also bears the distinction of being Nokia's most svelte Windows Phone 8 device to date. It also packs a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon CPU (the same as the Lumia 520), 512MB RAM, 800 x 480 ClearBlack display, 2,000mAh battery, NFC and an option for wireless charging (enabled by a separate snap-on cover) into the trendiest design the company could create.
To push that trendsetting message forward, Nokia's imbued the 720 with a dual camera setup that's ideal for the party circuit (e.g., lowlight shots and self-portraits). Up front, there's a 1.3-megapixel camera with wide-angle lens and a 6.7-megapixel rear shooter with f/1.9 lens on back, specifically crafted by Carl Zeiss labs to take in more light. And as a further lure for the vainglorious types that may pick it up, the 720 will also ship with a new digital lens pre-loaded: Glam Me.
As the name implies, this proprietary filter allows users to edit their images (whiten teeth, oversaturate colors, widen eyes, etc.) before sharing on social networking sites. In addition to that proprietary camera software perk, Nokia's also tacked-on its full suite of Here apps (Drive, Transit and Maps), as well as Nokia Music -- all exclusives to the Lumia line.
Nokia fans keen on a US release will have to sit and wait this one out (or opt for the Lumia 520 on T-Mobile). At present, the Lumia 720's only set to launch in Asia (specifically China) and parts of Europe in five colors (cyan, black, yellow, red and glossy white) for €249 (about $330 USD) this Q2 2013. Head on past the break for the official PR.

via Engadget

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