Friday, 4 January 2013

Miami art basel wrap up

(Film by Quenell Jones + Superchief)
As you may know, Superchief had a hand at curating a gallery space for Select Fair during Miami Art Basel. Of course, we had an insanely awesome time down there, spending only about 25% of our waking ours sober. These are our select video and pictures we took documenting our crazy-ass bender in the name of art, debauchery, and fucking shit up.
Shouts out to Matthew Eck & Brian Whiteley for running Select Fair and giving us a space, all of the artists who allowed us to exhibit their work, Metro Zu and C$PG, Kairo aka CHALK., Brent, Alex & Men of Mischief, the Zen Garden, D.S. Lee, Erik Puot, Cecily, the Joker and his babe, the Party Boys, Haruka Salt, JLamar, the Electric Pickle, the crappy awesome hotels we stayed at, everyone who gave us a wild ride, and of course Club Deuce for being one the best bars that has ever graced this earth.
First off, prominent Miami art collective/clan/mafia Metro Zu surprised everyone by live painting a Lamborghini to celebrate Basel. That’s right, they PAINTED A FUCKING LAMBORGHINI. Damn, this shit only happens in Miami, doesn’t it? Superchief came down, took some exclusive video, and of course, slapped some damn bumper stickers on that baby because why the fuck not? #LAMBOGOD
Of course, we couldn’t come all the way down to Miami without taking a shitton of pictures. We had three Superchief photographers document the craziness that happened.
Photos by Bill Dunleavy:

Photos by Suga Slim:

Photos by Will Medonis (via shitty disposable):

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